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Here you can find knowledge about stand up fighting.

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Listen – Think – Ask – Exercise

Typical for the knowledge transfer by a Pahuyuth teacher is the pedagogical principle of the “recommending character”. Here, knowledge is imparted exclusively in the form of recommendations, while the actual acquisition of knowledge or cognition occurs through the practical exercise and discovery of the student himself. The aim of this teaching method is not to train an absolute fighter who knows solely the truth of his teacher, but to develop an individually qualified Free-Warrior.

Based on this educational principle, the following course of action is strongly recommended for all students who are willing to learn:


zuhoeren mitdenken nachfragen ausfuehren gold

First, the student should listen or watch as closely as possible. This is followed by self-examination through thinking along. Afterwards, there is the possibility to check one’s own perceptions and conclusions by asking. Only then can optimal knowledge acquisition be achieved through practical exercise.

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